BIO Certification Ltd is accredited according to BDS EN ISO / IEC 17065 as a product certification body by Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service” with Certificate reg. # 14 PCB/21.12.2021, valid to 30.11.2024 and decree A809/21.12.2021
The product certification body of BIO Certification Ltd has an authorization # BG-BIO-21/23.12.2020 , with decree # RD09-1053/23.12.2020 and decree # RD09-1038/21.12.2020 by the Minister of Agriculture to perform control and certification of organic products according Regulation (EC) No. 2018/848 and control and certification of Geographical Indications according Regulation (EC) No. 1151/2012.
The evaluation of the conformity of products is carried out by BIO Certification Ltd according the certification schemes and the requirements of the essential documents (standards and technical specifications), pointed out in the scope of certification.
The product certification body of Bio certification Ltd is fully independent and impartial as its activity is financed entirely by Bio certification Ltd. The adopted policies for certification and impartiality are implemented with declarations by the management and set in the procedure “Management of impartiality”.
To the product certification body is formed Supervisory Committee as a mechanism to ensure the impartiality, equality and the free access to all interested parties in the process of developing of the policies and principals regarding the content and functionality of the certification system . The committee includes representatives of manufacturers and other interested parties, as well as conformity assessment experts.
When certifying products and production processes, depending on the requested scope, the certification body uses the results of the control performed at each controlled operator, as well as the results of tests performed by external sources – accredited laboratories according to standard BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025, with which Bio certification Ltd has signed framework contracts.
As a result of the certification process Bio certification Ltd issues certification documents – documentary evidences. With the issuing of such documentary evidence Bio certification Ltd verifies the compliance of the operator with the requirements of the relevant European and national regulations for all controlled activities, products and categories of products.
According to the control scheme and depending on the risk assessment procedure
Bio certification Ltd maintains the certification by carrying out annual physical on-the-spot inspection at least once a year for each operator included in the control system.



Our priority is to ensure sustainable development and prosperity of the product certification body by continuous improvement to the quality of the provided activities for control and certification, by implementing the relevant certification schemes and assessing their compliance in accordance with regulations, standards and other legislation.
To achieve this goal, we strive
– To ensure all activities performed by the product certification body are in compliance with the principles of good professional practice impartiality, independence and confidentiality;
– To ensure the priority of quality in the activities of the body and placing the quality of services at the heart of all activities;
– To control all stages of the certification process;
– To encourage our staff to work professionally, to know and strictly apply the current policy, manual, procedures, instructions and certification schemes, to be critical of the work done, seeking to improve it with their proposals;
– To train our employees in accordance with the needs identified by the Management, in order to achieve the necessary competence of all staff involved in certification activities, including the requirements for education, training, technical knowledge, skills and experience;
– To provide our employees with the best possible equipment that will ensure confidence in the accuracy of the certification results;
– To adhere to strict compliance with the agreed deadlines for certification;
– To use schemes for certification of the operators according to the respective characteristics / parameters, which are accepted by all participants in the process;
– To commit ourselves to constant maintenance and improvement of the implemented Management System and strict compliance with the requirements of the standards;
– To take adequate and prompt actions on complaints and appeals from interested parties;
It is important for us to promptly eliminate not only detected quality deviations, but also the reasons that led to them.
Sometimes the quality of our services depends on the quality of the services from third parties. That is why we demand only the highest quality from subcontractors and seek close cooperation with them to achieve the overall objectives of Bio certification Ltd.

We are committed to
– strictly implement the announced Bio certification Ltd policy;

– provide all possible resources for the functioning of the management system;
– motivate all our staff to be involved with the policy, ensuring its implementation, maintenance and improvement at all levels;
– ensure the independence of staff from commercial, financial or other stress that could affect the results of the control and certification, thus ensuring our impartiality and independence;
– continuously increase the confidence in the product certification body;
– not engaging in any activities that may jeopardize the credibility of the impartiality and independence of our judgment and integrity in relation to the certification activities;
– ensure full independence in the organization of all activities, certification schemes, the analysis of the results and the evaluation of the performed services, our marketing and pricing for our services.
Bio certification Ltd management is personally responsible for the quality of the provided services and their compliance with the agreed certification schemes. For this purpose, we have incorporated a Management System that is maintained, improved and controlled in its implementation by the General Manager, the Quality Manager and the Head of Bio certification Ltd.